10 Food Items that might extinct from menu by 2050

One of the major global concerns, we are facing today is climate change. The seasons aren’t arriving on their regular intervals, Rainfall at less density, scorching infra-red rays leading to global warming, endangering flora and fauna species, thus leading t extinction of many. Whether we don’t do and talk much about it but we are facing it every minute. Recently, I was surprised to read an article that has been acclaimed at the World Economic Forum that talks about many food items that would extinction from our menu by 2050. So, let me apprise you of 10 food items that would extinct from your plate.

  1. Chocolate-

‘Kuch Swad hai Zindagi Mein’, what if this swad extinct from your taste buds. As the main ingredient of Chocolate is Cocoa which is extracted from the Cocoa tree and can only be grown when the right temperature is met. As Brazil has been the major exporter of Cocoa and was on the verge of cocoa extinction in the 1990s due to pest and fungal diseases and scientist fear that to happen again. Hence, leading to scarcity of cocoa in the world leading to high prices.

  • Avocado:

Avocado, a food rich in minerals and vitamins will also be found in scarcity around 2050, the reason being one pound of avocado is grown with 72 gallons of water. Due to the changing climatic conditions, the groundwater level is decreasing, there might be conditions of draught in many cities that produce Avocado like Mexico, California, etc.

  • Coffee:
Coffee Beans

 I have friends that kick start their day with Coffee. Beverages are like the life drug that keeps us going and its extinction might leave many to buy and preserve the stock for ages. A 2017 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrates that climate change threatens both areas where coffee crops grow and a key species that are responsible for about 20 to 25% of coffee bean production — bees.



Bananas are not just lovable to monkeys but to humans too as a source of potassium, calcium protein and dietary fibre. They are also the source of our happiness as it reduces are depression levels and releases good hormones. But by 2050, we might not be able to find bananas so easily due to disease name Tropical Race 4 that is spreading globally and destroying its plantation



Well, Honey has been consumed at my place as a health medicine that is the best treatment for cough and cold. We won’t be able to consume this natural ingredient as the bees population is deteriorating drastically. The population of bees have decreased by more than 40% within the last decade all because of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)



Peanuts are finicky crops — according to a report from CBC, they require a stable and particular environment to grow. Much of America’s peanut production comes from the southern states, which are susceptible to droughts and heat waves that have destroyed entire peanut crops. Thus, many believe that peanuts could become extinct sooner rather than later.


A staple diet for Bengalis, fish is a high source of protein and fish oil that is used for so many things. Humans to satisfy their own taste buds would be the cause of fish extinction in the coming years.

Maple Syrup:

Maple syrup production is intrinsically linked with the weather; sap is only able to flow when temperatures rise above freezing during the day and then plummet below it once night falls. The shift in temperature is essential — the pressure forces the sap out of the tree.

Potato Chips & Fries-


Potato is the king of the vegetables for Indians as our no recipe is complete without using potatoes. It is also believed y the researchers that some of the potato variety will be extinction in 2055 due to climate changes and reduced water levels.

Bread & Grains:

Wheat Grains

Climate changes are affecting wheat and grain crops in a big way and if the condition prevails, we will be devoid of tempting bread recipes and healthy grains. Many reports by researchers show that many wheat producing countries like India, China, US and France will be adversely affected by rising temperatures.

Author: Geetanjali

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  1. Its verie eye opening article. this is the high time to save our environment otherwise our next gen will b in great difficulty. Appericiable work by you mam

  2. This article contains some shocking n bitter facts. this is the high time to save our environment otherwise our next gen will b in great difficulty. Appericiable work by you mam

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