Two days back, I had this eager urge to get my hands on some best seller for the next read and guess what. My eyeball got stuck on an article that declared Indian constitution book as a best seller on Amazon list. Really!! Feeling inquisitive, I read the complete article and found that suddenly the sales of talks and reading about Indian constitution are really on high among commoners, especially after the Indian people saw some serious amendments in the sections laid by the constitution. Bharat ka Samvidhan in Hindi or Indian constitution in English has been declared as most sold book in the category of Constitution. Government is elected by the people; therefore it is under all rights that the government officials are accountable to the public for every action taken by them. Especially in a country like India, where inspite of democratic setup,  political parties are known for making a biased decision based on their agendas and selfish motives.

     The article specified that Indian constitution book sales have increased tremendously as people want to understand the rationale behind such changes being introduced by the government and what falls under the jurisdiction of their rights. Whether it is CAA, NPC, article 370 or any other, people are inquisitive about its ethics, regulation and authenticity. This has urged the Indian citizen to understand their constitution minutely, not just by the law professionals but also by the common man who is not just reading Indian constitution books but is also attending workshops for better understanding. Therefore, the reason behind the recent upsurge towards understanding our constitution deeply can be credited to one of these reasons:

  • One could be recent amendments led by the Indian government with context to CAA and how will it impact their citizenship.
  • Abolition of article 370 and its impact on masses
  • To understand the rights of the government to makes these changes and correlating it to the benefits of the people.
  • Earlier it was more read by the Dalits but now people from all sections of society and religion are interested to know their rights

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