Book review of Scion of Ikshavaku

 About book- The storyline of the book revolves around the mythological story of ‘Ramayana’ till the episode where Raavan kidnaps Devi Sita in his Pushpak Vimaan. The story commenced with plot showcasing the rivalry between King of Ayodhya, Dashrath and the King of Lanka, Raavan. Parallel to this scene, the focus shift to Ram learning his life lessons from his guru Vashisht in gurukul with his adorable four brothers. Ram has been characterized just like his portrayal in the sculpture, Ramayana as a law-abiding citizen who in spite of many odds would never go against the law even for his own convenience.


                  The three other brothers of Lord Ram are minutely described along with their sister who sets the central point of differentiating between their ideologies. The author has also entangled the current problem of rapes during that time in his play. Amish have very aesthetically described the locations and the technique of carrying out operations during that time at the time of 14 years of exile by Ram, Lakshman and Sita along with the army including Malayaputra and Vayuputra.

Book cover- The book cover has been beautifully designed keeping in mind the USP of Lord Ram i.e. bow and arrow.

Language- The language used by the author is easily understandable as the readers are easily able to relate to the characters due to their familiarity. The adjectives used by the author for describing each character explain the hugeness and importance of the character.

Review- The book is an interesting read as one is familiar with the characters and names and roles. The book contains regal status, grandeur locations, Kings Rivalries and personal moralities which makes the read visualizing. The book contains romance, jealousy, revenge, suspense, almost everything that is ingredients of commercial movie for a success.

     Inspite of its popularity, personally I might like fiddling with the mythological characters of Hindu religion that are worshipped in our country as generations next would take this as reference material to know about their history rather than reading and knowing the reality mentioned in our scriptures.

Recommendation- I would personally recommend this book for light reading as it very consciously describes the major events of that time along with the characterization of key roles.

Author: Geetanjali

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