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Amrita Imroz;A Love Story

A love story of Awaaz-ae-Punjab; Amrita Pritam       Stories of Heer-Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal have influenced us so much that we have started believing them as…

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Child, the future of mankind Has its roots in the womb of the feminine divine Provides scope to the parents hope But they will reap…

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Poem ‘Musafir hun Main’

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गुलाब की कली

यह करोना ने भी अजीब से माहौल कर दिया है । बाहर जाओ तो बन्दिशे और घर में आज़ाद कर दिया है ऐसी ही आज़ादी…

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Start with Yourself(Podcast-1)

Hello Friends, This is my first attempt to podcast where I shared beautiful lines from Anonymous writer on thought that change starts from oneself. We…

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Slaves of the System

When we are born We are taught the power of Truth, intelligence and substance But what happens when we grow Nothing but become slaves of…

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Love Aajkal………

सच्चे प्यार के ज़माने गुज़र गए जनाब  अब छोटे मोटे इश्क से ही कम चला ली जिए  हीर रांझे सोनी महिवाल के रूहानी परे को…

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कृष्णा कहो या रहीम उसे   राम कहो या गुरुनानक उसी का रंग है उसी की लोह एक है वोह, पर रूप अनेक  क्या कहूं उसे…

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Egoistic ‘I’

Oh my my We pacify our egos so high That we forget it’s a dependant life Neither our entry to this world Nor its exist…

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Reading Paradise

Oh! When reality sucks at times And you look forward to Finding solace for your mind Then, I enter my reading paradise A world that…

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चेहरे पे चेहरा कुछ खास है हर चेहरा हर एक सा है सब कुछ पर फिर भी अंजाना सा हा हर चेहरा पल पल रंग…

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Woman existed even before mankind, As the feminine face of supreme divine. The ultimate gift to the mankind, Has the intelligence to match the greatest…

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