The verse “Yug sahasra yojana par bhanu, leelyo taahi madhura phal jaanu”  written in Hanuman Chalsa by Goswami Tulsidas beautifully translates to how “The Surya, situated thousands of Yojanas(a unit of distance) away was swallowed by Hanuman thinking it to be a fruit”

Its explanation goes as follows:
1 Yuga = 12000 years

1 Sahsra Yuga = 12000000 years.

Also, 1 Yojan = 8 miles

So, Yug Sahsra Yojan(the first three words) would mean 12000*12000000*8 = 96000000 miles.
Converting it to kilometers, 96000000 X 1.6 = 153,600,000 kms
Actual distance from earth to sun = 152,000,000 kms(error of around 1%).

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