Egoistic ‘I’

Oh my my


We pacify our egos so high

That we forget it’s a dependant life

Neither our entry to this world

Nor its exist can be credited to ‘I’

So when actually do we develop this egoistic ‘I’

This ’I’ develops self recognition,

With achievements and failures that we survive

Within no span, this recognition enters arrogant side

Even then we pacify our egos so high

‘I’ gets happy, when in limelight

But saddened easily when withdrawn from that sight

They take all praises to be their own

But forgets that nothing can be done alone.

‘I’ takes away our eternal bliss

And thrive us to achieve selfish wish

It grows stronger with passing years

And soon forgets We/Us atmosphere

We only start valuing our blessings

When ‘I’ abandons us from our close beings.

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