‘HugeCount’ gives you huge space

Hugecount, a social platform that provides you with a space to enhance your knowledge and share it among your friends and like-minded people. You think of a topic from news updates to technology, sports to the latest trends, beauty to fitness, everything is available on the portal. One of the trending social networking sites, it is the new buzz among netizens and bloggers.


Hugecount is one of the best social networking platforms due to the following Features:
1. Add members –The best part of being a member to this portal is it provides you option to add your friends to the list so that you can make then part of your learning. You should not worry about the security and privacy of your account because there is full safety of your account on the HugeCount.

2. Personal Platform– HugeCount provides you a personal space where you can maintain the stories and blogs of your interest along with crisp bio to introduce yourself to others. This will help you to attract like minded people towards your articles, photographs, videos, etc.

3. Privacy- Privacy is the major concern nowadays when you are operating your personal information on social platforms and this thing has been taken well care by Hugecount site. You have the option to control your profile.

4. Connect with friends- As group learning is always better than individual learning, thus, HugeCount is also giving you a chance to connect with your friends like many other social networking sites. You can send friend requests to your old or new friends and share your memories.

5. Available on app- The best part of this website is it is mobile friendly. You can remain connected with your friends along with the latest updates on fashion, travel, business, food, celebrities, etc., through this HugeCount app. This site also provides you search option where you can search latest trends about preferred topics through various keywords.

6. Viral your work- As this amazing social site has its presence all over social platforms, therefore you can easily make your work viral through them and your own personal profile. This will not only help to create a niche for yourself but will also broaden your horizon of work and work related to your genre.

7. Create Content- One of the best feature of this platform is you can create your own content through slideshows, videos, vlogs, ranked lists, quizzes, opinion polls, music, etc.

Advantages of being a HugeCount member:

      Many of us might think that when there are so many social media platforms, why should be we join another Social networking forum. So friends, here are few advantages to help you make decision:

  1. Sharing Experiences: You can explore your experience of staff picks, politics, campus watch, video, culture-vulture, news, gender and sexuality, animal rights, books, and careers.
  2. Being Informative: We are residing in an age where it is mandatory for us to remain updated and informative. So, this app will help you to keep updating in the areas of interest and overall trending topics as well.
  3. Sharing Knowledge: You learn more when you learn things in sharing. So, this website provides you with an option to learn and share knowledge with your friends.
  4. Creative: As you have full liberty to create content for yourself, you can easily exercise your creative instincts. Be that in the form of features, videos, photographs, quizzes, games, etc. you can experiment with your peer group.
  5. Like minded people: When we dwell in the platform, where we can interact with likeminded people, we bound to learn more. We share our informative or view and in return get feedback which helps us to grow and enhance our knowledge.

Author: Geetanjali

Creativity is my core skill, be that vision to see the world or to work towards something aesthetically, creativity exists in everything. I am an academician by profession and the creative person at heart. I am a poet and got my poems published by Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi inKavya Lehri and Kavyanjali. A writer who loves writing and has written for numerous magazines and newspapers. A Blogger who runs her own blog. An artist who works towards improving her skills every now and then. A traveller who knows learning is much more outside the classroom. As a leaner is never satisfied with his/ her work, I believe to utilize the gift of human birth to the fullest and enjoy the journey than attaining the destination.

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