‘Leadership wisdom’ by Robin Sharma

At times you enter into such a déjà vu that you come across a similar thing that you come across that you are facing instead.  Where I was witnessing such a lack of leadership surrounding you and suddenly you come across a book that teaches you the core principles of being a successful leader.


      Yes friends, I just finished reading the book ‘Leadership wisdom’ by Robin Sharma, the man who is known for his commendable work in ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari.’ What a book! Well, while reading such books you can never think of being a leader comes so easy. The book talks about 8 rituals that every man should imbibe in their life for tasting the success in their lives. No wonder, rituals can’t be developed by a man but implementing them is their cup of tea.

 About Book: The book is written in an interactive style and revolves around two central characters ‘Peter and Julian’ that became a successful business and was now facing a downfall in his business. His regular day kicked off with: disappointed employee faces, lack of motivation, selfish attitudes and lack of innovation. His frustration was onto another level when he was visited by his very close friend Julian who was once as successful as him and now a monk. His transformation was commendable and now he was on another journey to spread the message of leadership and wisdom that could turn the tables for his business.

Review: ‘Every human can be a leader in the task they perform’. The book provides you with a detailed understanding of leadership wisdom by following 8 rituals that every human

Language: Author has adopted an interactive style of writing which is best meant for easy reading. The book includes some beautiful and influential quotes by various leaders that ignite the leadership skills in you. The language of the book is easy to understand though influential with its wordings and examples.

Recommendations: This book has no age bars and can be referred by any individual who inspires to attain something in life. From student to housewife, from employee to entrepreneur, from businessmen to the leader, this book is worth spending time for.

Author: Geetanjali

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