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Egoistic ‘I’

Oh my my We pacify our egos so high That we forget it’s a dependant life Neither our entry to…

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Haridwar-Abode to Heaven

It was June vacations and my mind was popping with ideas to go places during these 15 days. Breaks, as…

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Adopt a Yogic lifestyle

   Yoga had been the roots of our Vedic cultures and is vital for an individual’s growth and nation-building. Undoubtedly,…

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‘Leadership wisdom’ by Robin Sharma

At times you enter into such a déjà vu that you come across a similar thing that you come across…

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Social Platforms: Building Identity or Crises

         You might have 1000 friends in your friend list on social accounts but none would revert when needed. So…

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Vicious Circle of Life

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God’s Grace

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Take a Break to live life

We are engaged 24*7 these days that our mind is occupied with something or the other. If we are not…

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Book Review on ‘The Cult of the Amateurs’

‘It is a world without privacy, a world in which individuals are turned inside out.‘ Andrew Keen A few days…

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Reading is food for the brain

Highlights: Ideal mind devil workshop Silent and 24*7 friend Read a book a month or create a library Prefer reading…

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‘HugeCount’ gives you huge space

Hugecount, a social platform that provides you with a space to enhance your knowledge and share it among your friends…

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Why do we fast?

Though many people connect the concept of fasting to religious traditions, there are scientific reasons for it as well. The…

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Why do girls wear Bangles?

   The derivation of the word bangle can be credited to hindi word Bangri or Bangali, which in Sanskrit stands for…

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STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2-Yet another drama

Student of the Year a film just like IOS updates to the apple users because they don’t prefer the updated…