Lyrical Emotions

Lyrical Emotions

Life is too short to hide your feelings,
Don’t be afraid to say what you feel.

‘Don’t be afraid to write what you feel, as spoken words harm more to relationship than written words. Communication is the greatest gift to the mankind and expression is our life drug, thus it becomes very important to use your words wisely.
In one life, every individual goes to multiple feelings of rejection, encouragement, love, devotion, happiness, growth, power, hardship, etc. in their personal and professional life that grows him as a mature and intellectual person and when he is on his death bed he reverses his life as a show reel.
I have just tried to pen down my life journey in the form of experiences, learning’s, emotions and everything that life has given to me as a challenge. Though simple vocabulary and intense feelings, I have tried to pen down thoughts that many will agree to and feel the similar way. They might sound idealist at times, but somewhere we all want the world to be this way.


“Beautifully expression. I could relate to the poem. Every word speaks an emotion we all might have come across somewhere in our life. Like one of the poem ‘Gratitude’ that highlights the feeling of humbleness and thanksgiving we all should imbibe in us.”
– Hemendra Kanwar, Deputy Editor, Haryana PR Department.

“Thoughtful….dreamy and didactic…. Gitanjali’s poetry play the Strings of your heart…And leave you rich and wise as well.”
– Jupinderjit Singh, Senior Journalist & Author, The Tribune.

“Straight from the heart!”
– Vinit K. Bansal, Author.

“Simplified and beautifully written. The themes of the poems are simple yet extravagantly described. It’s a journey of every human’s emotion in one way or another which has been portrayed flawlessly. A special mention to A small push, acquaintances, gratitude, lessons of life which touch my heart.”
– Ar . Manmeet Arora, Architect & Interior Designer, Jalandhar.

“Dr. Geetanjali Kalia is a budding writer and poetess who describes life with a philosophical and creative bent of mind. Her simplistic style of writing comes straight from the heart. The Humility and gratitude with hidden strength comes out strongly in her poetry. The varied colours of life have been brought about effortlessly from childhood to youth to smiles and tears.I enjoyed reading all the poems but Borders, Lessons of life and Egoistic, I need a special mention. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.”
– Col. Ramanjit Singh.

“One can experience the incredible heartfelt journey of emotions through simple poetic depiction. STAGES OF SMILE….grips you as you keep reading you sink more and more into it. A sure read for all who have a poetic and more importantly a philosophic bend of mind.”
– Yogita Khullar, Senior Co-Ordinator & HOD English, S.T.S.World School, Jalandhar.

Lyrical Emotions
Lyrical Emotions
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