Social Platforms: Building Identity or Crises

         You might have 1000 friends in your friend list on social accounts but none would revert when needed. So our, we creating a illusionary world surrounding us where we are known and perceived by how many people likes and followers we have on social media handles. Whether it is birthday party or temple visit, first job or retirement, anything and everything is carried on it. We have engulfed ourselves with a totally different virtual world where our identity exists with how you represent yourself on social media.

          I understand that we are living and progressing towards the digital age, where our day today activities whether it is shopping, working, travelling, worshiping, eating, etc. are treated as celebrations and its post on social media represent our active social life. Hence, would it be wrong to say that we are endangering our identity and getting away from true self. The social web has entangled us so tightly that we have lost the understanding of who we are and these identity crises has led us to lead two different lifestyles i.e. one of ourselves and other for what we are perceived as. This is really a stage of concern not only for the present generations but also for the GenNext. So let us share few points of concern and how can they be dealt with:

  1. People have become so addicted to social media and smartphones, that few countries have opened Rehab Centres to deal with it.
  2. India tops the rank of Selfie deaths due to the youth obsession with the social media updates.
  3. There have been studies where people who could not stay away from phone are believed to have certain disorder.
  4. Youth has been muddling between whom they are and how they portray on social media has also led t the Identity crises.

  Where so many cause of concern are creating the imbalance in our society, we all could adopt few steps for healing oneself:

  1. Spending some time in nature would work as a therapy for excessive users.
  2. Use the phone for fixed hours so as to avoid the overindulgence with the technology.
  3.  People should operate one or two social forums, so as to avoid overindulgence.
  4. Spending time with loved ones will help you rejuvenate the mind
  5. Engross yourself with outdoor sports
  6. Develop a hobby for refreshing your routine.

Author: Geetanjali

Creativity is my core skill, be that vision to see the world or to work towards something aesthetically, creativity exists in everything. I am an academician by profession and the creative person at heart. I am a poet and got my poems published by Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi inKavya Lehri and Kavyanjali. A writer who loves writing and has written for numerous magazines and newspapers. A Blogger who runs her own blog. An artist who works towards improving her skills every now and then. A traveller who knows learning is much more outside the classroom. As a leaner is never satisfied with his/ her work, I believe to utilize the gift of human birth to the fullest and enjoy the journey than attaining the destination.

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