Story behind ‘Sundar Mundriye’

This story falls during the reign of Mughal Empire. There was a village named ‘Patti’ in Punjab in which a Hindu family use to stay. The family had two beautiful daughters namely Sundri and Mundri. The Tehsildar of the village, Nawab Khan had a bad eye on the girls and there was only one man in the village from whom the tehsildar was scared, his name was Dula sardar.


The tehsildar announced that on the day of Makarsakranti, he will kidnap the Hindu girls and will marry them. The family awaited of the Dula audacity requested the Dula Sardar to save their daughters.

He assured the Hindu family that their daughters will get married to the desired boys, so he requested the family to look for the suitable boys for both the girls.

The family did as said. They found two desirable boys for the girls. Then on the day of Makar Sakranti, he ignited the fire in the ‘Chauraha’ and both the girls were married to the selected boys. Since then, this ritual of burning fire takes place and Hindu thanks dula Sardar for saving the daughter and sing this song as remembrance to Dula Sardar.

‘Sundar Mundariye ,

tera kaun bichara,

dula pathi wala’

Importance of Lohri festival

This festival is celebrated in the North of India with full swing and carols called bolliyan.

It is celebrated on the eve of 13th January of every year, prior to the day Makar Sakranti. Lohri is also celebrated in order to celebrate the harvesting of the crop and paying gratitude to the god. The farmers surrender their produce in form of makka, gehun, til, sarson and channa to the God in order to thank god for prosperous harvest.

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