Trump’s visit, a feast for the Indian news channels

       NO wonder, India is known for its rich tradition of  ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’, where the guest is treated as God but what would be the scene when the whole country seems like welcoming the guest lavishly and travelling everywhere with him on screen. Since the Indian news channel has commenced running 24/7 race, ethics and content have taken a back seat. Where news channel is generally busy with discussions and debates throughout the day, events like Kumbh Mela, India-Pakistan cricket match, elections and many such events are like a feast for these channels. The coverage of these events is so exclusive and repetitive that local happenings are completely neglected like the recent case of Delhi Violence.

  An international event like the visit of US President Trump to India is like an icing on the cake for Indian Media Channels, where every channel is giving their best endeavour for breaking and exclusive stories. Where the reporter should be just confined to reporting the story of his visit, the channels were running 24*7 marathon of his foot by foot coverage. The heights of the being exclusive were such that during the hours of his travel the older footage was repeatedly shown. Apart from reporting the direct news, the channels also covered the following angles:

  • Interviewed the people who showcased the Sabarmati ashram to the President and the guide who explained the importance of TajMahal to the President.
  • Covered the dressing style of the first lady, Melania Trump, along with the dressing style of his daughter.
  • They also compared the Trump visit to the visit of the China President and how they tried to be better from each other and woe India for their support.
  •  Not only this, but the free slots of the channel also packaged stories on what are the 10 words that Trump uttered that spoiled the mood of India.
  • There were channels that compared the similarities between Modi and Donald Trump-like their love for social media, great orators, etc.
  • Some channels also discussed the cartoons made on the President visit.

Author: Geetanjali

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