‘Unlikely Hero Om Puri’ By Nandita C. Puri

‘An Actor born with a wooden spoon’


About book:

     The book is a memoir of Om Puri dedicated by his wife Nandita Puri. The book describes the journey of Om Puri as a child, actor, husband and father. His hardships, perceptions about life, female associations, passion for acting and friends are distinctively described in the book. How a socially and financially feeble man makes into being awarded British award for his acting displays his remarkable journey of his audacity and professionalism.


The title of the book is well thought of as one of the person in NSD objected to his personality for being an actor. His unconvincing looks and unappealing personality never helped in making a first impression but his updated knowledge and near perfection acting skills always managed to attract people towards him.


This book provides you a detailed description of Om Puri‘s life journey as a person and an actor, though it seems like being one sided description of wife of her husband. The description of Om’s life has been a culmination of his 50 % hardship and 50% luck that made him an international acclaimed actor. Inspite of being born with wooden spoon and then an international performer, he was well connected to his roots and always made an effort to keep them intact in his family. The author has made an every endeavour to touch every corner of his life. Also the quotes and experiences of Om’s friends have been aptly inserted at required places.


The language of the book is understandable and connects you to the thread of his life’s journey very amicably. Nandita has tried her best to provide a descriptive detail of his account of personal and professional life.


As this book very clearly describes how a passion to achieve something in life takes your test, it can be recommended to people who want to learn from the struggles of others life or by those prefer reading autobiographies. I would also like to add that any personality has positive and negative side to it , therefore it is must to have other perception of personalities as well and hence should read autobiographies written by author who is neutral and unknown to the personality.

Author: Geetanjali

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