Introspect your time this Quarantine

Introspect your time this Quarantine

  This unnerving spread of Coronovirus has brought our lives to a halt. I was surprised to see some news report that mentioned people reaction on listening to birds chirping after a long, watching a peacock from their homes and so on.  Not just the news channels but social media is flooded with the stories of celebrities and commoners on how they are spending their quarantine period by pursuing their hobbies of cooking, reading, learning software’s, painting, gardening, etc. I too decided to call all my friends and family whom I can’t catch up during working days. This quarantine period has also made us realise that how uncomfortable and disconnected we have become to our own self that we waited for something like this pandemic to get close to own self. Isn’t all this indicating us to hold back from the materialistic race, we all are running and reconnect to our roots.

          This time has also made me realise how important it is to believe and follow what our ancestors have done since ages. No wonder, with changing times and modernisation, our generation have questioned these beliefs every now and then. Like waking up before sunrise, washing hands before and after meals, maintaining distance while communicating, spending some time in nature, practising silence, keeping hygiene at home and surroundings, relying on home remedies are some of the routines our elders have always emphasised on. Our negligence to these practices has resulted into deteriorating happiness index, increasing depression cases; increasing rape cases, etc. Climate changes across globe, Coronavirus emerging from China, Bushfires and killing of Koalas in Australia are some of the recent examples that portray something is wrong with alignment of human with nature. With the country so rich in its Vedic tradition and cultural values it has the power to turn the tables with miraculous beliefs and practices.

This quarantine period has given us a chance to hold back for a while and reconnect to our roots. So let’s learn our lessons from the quarantine time and make necessary changes in our daily routines for better and healthy living. If we try to induce even two or three of them, we can all make our life more complacent and streamlined.

  1. One hour for your health: Fix one hour in morning or evening as a health regime for your body. Practice anything, be that Yoga, Gym, Cycling, Zumba, Dance, swimming, etc. so that you can maintain the energy levels of your body. Your body is a piece of machinery to work for you but as machinery gets non-functional when unused same is applied to the human body.    
  2. Sit in silence for a while: Sitting in silence will help you to reconnect to yourself and introspect your daily chorus and believe me if practised regularly you get answers to all the problems in life.
  3. Family Time: We can only progress in life if we have our right supports in life and family is one of them. Therefore it is important to show your gratitude to them and be thankful for their unconditional love and support. Hence spend quality time with them.
  4. Pursue a Hobby: We are so engrossed in our professional life that we forget that pursuing hobbies provides internal happiness to us. There has always been a difference between passion and profession. The profession provides us with a source of living and passion our internal happiness.
  5. Home Remedies: It is always said ‘You are your own doctor’ as body does give us an indication if there is some problem in its functionality but the problem is we intend to ignore that voice. Kitchen is dispensary where first aid to all your problems is available. Therefore for small infections, apply home remedies and run to doctor if it needs professional medication.
  6. Follow a routine: We all are often in the habit of rescheduling and postponing things or to say it better in making an excuse. Discipline is first thing that was taught to all the students in Gurukul first. Therefore, make a routine for yourself and get disciplined. People like Akshay Kumar, Narender Modi, Sanya Mirza, etc. have made their mark by adopting a disciplined life.
  7. Be Empathetic: One of the biggest challenges we are facing is insensitivity towards human life. It is very important to understand other perception by putting ourselves into their shoes and behave like we want them to behave with us. Helping people, understanding their situation, being empathetic, respecting each other space and ideas is something that will take humanity to another level.
  8. Eat Sensibly: You are what you eat. Our culture has regarded ‘Aanpurna’ devi at such a high level because of her virtue of giving stomach filled food with love and affection. Consuming Satvik bhojan is another point that has been emphasised by our Vedas to eat food that provides you happiness and peace and to avoid ‘Tamsik bhojan’, who repercussion we all are facing.  

     So friends, applying any of these practices will certainly make our living more streamlined and in aligned with what our Vedas teach us healthy living.

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