If you think, you can contribute to any of the categories of this website, we welcome you to submit your work for publication here.

Submissions only in soft copy form: We will accept material submitted only in softcopy form sent through email.

Language of submission: What makes us exclusive is bilingual submission that is not being accepted by many online literary websites.

Amount of submission: We request writers to submit only one story or creative work at a time and no more than two submissions a year.

  • We consider the unsolicited submission of short stories including excerpts from novels in progress (if they stand alone as stories) no longer than 3,000 words.
  • Please submit 1 to 2 poems of moderate length at one go. They should not be of more than 60 lines each.

All submissions must be exclusive, original and not previously published, in print or online. Include your brief biography (in about 100 words) along with your contribution. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions via e-mail only. Send stories/poems/non-fiction pitches to [email protected]. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

All submissions should be sent both in the body of the email and as a Word or Pages document, with the title and author’s name at the top of the first page.

Book Reviews

If you would like to submit a book (or books) for us to review, please drop us an email at [email protected]


We believe in sharing and spreading positivity and providing a platform to the prospective learners, hence we don’t pay anything for the contribution.

A brief profile of the contributor along with the photograph will be displayed along with the byline.

Declaration of work being original

Authors should certify on the submitted material that it is their original work (and in the case of literary criticism/articles, based on their own research), not published anywhere else whether in print or online including blogs, and no portion of it has been reproduced from any other source or work without the consent of the original author. As we have received complaints in the past from original authors about sections/passages from their work having been used without their knowledge or consent, any such instance will be viewed very seriously.

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