Why does Lord Krishna wear peacock feather on his crown?

    In the whole world peacock is the only bird which doesn’t establish any physical connect with peahen and is considered pure. It is the only bird that follows complete chastity all his life. When he is happy, he dances in full vigour and tears fell down his cheek and the peahen consume that tear and conceives. Hence, the peacock remains far from the feeling of lust and is considered pure to be adorned by Krishna.

    Another reason for the preference of peacock feather is that its feather contains the seven colour of the universe that appears blue (neela) in morning and black (shyam) at night.

There is another story to this that says that Sri Krishna danced with the peacocks for days and thus created a festival of bliss for them, therefore the king of peacock asked the Lord Krishna to accept their Gurudarshna , in which lot of peacocks shed their feathers as a respect to Krishna.


Author: Dr. Gitanjali Kalia

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