Scattered Expression

Story Behind The Book ‘Scattered Expressions’ is the result of professional skills accompanied by academic intentions to provide platform to emerging youth to share their feelings in black and white.
As rightly said, in young age, one creates memories for lifetime. We all have been through the youthful age where we lived in the cocoon of our own thoughts of relationships, feelings of acceptance and rejection, faith on friends, life’s struggles and so on.
So, this whole concept of anthology of short stories was initiated when an acclaimed author, visited School of Mass Communication, Chitkara University (Punjab) for the promotion of his books and had an interactive session with media and students. While addressing the students, he rolled the idea of providing writing platform to the students interested in writing, which hit like a bull’s eye to
the prospective writers. Therefore, after the session was over, interested students approached Dr. Gitanjali Kalia, Associate Professor, to check the prospects and viability of providing platforms to the students for getting them published. Hence, the idea was discussed with Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, Dean of
the School, who supported us like a backbone in this entire endeavour.
It was decided to provide opportunities to maximum students, and thus the contest was held to call upon the students from the Punjab and Baddi campus of Chitkara University, for whom writing is a passion. The prospective students were asked to submit their short stories under
stipulated time period. As scrutiny is the acumen of the expert, the stories were shortlisted by the mentors, along with Dr. Sovia Raj, Dean, School of Languages. The selected stories were edited by Dr. Mishra and Dr. Gitanjali. Special care has been taken to maintain the essence of the writer’s
feelings as rawness is the quality of this age.
The title of the book ‘Scattered Expressions’, we feel, is apposite, as the stories, in the form of expressions, are written by the youth who go through and experience varied emotions
at this tender age. We assure that the stories in this book will be relatable to every youth residing in any part of the world.
Stories in this anthology are based on different expressions of love; love that is accomplished, love that feels betrayal, unaccomplished romantic angles, understanding and faith between youngsters, drugs, siblings’ war, struggle for education etc. We all have stories in our youthful age and this
book will surely take you down your memory lane, where your emotions will flow with their narrations.
We hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as we have enjoyed working on it.
Team “Scattered Expressions”