India ranks 126/143 in World Happiness Index

India ranks 126/143 in World Happiness Index

Finland tops the chart of becoming the happiest nation of the world in the seventh consecutive year whereas India ranks 126 out of 143 nations. The young Indian were found to be still happy but lower middle age was found to be least happy due to various reasons. The development of any nation is also based on social conditions of the nations , therefore happiness and life satisfaction should be the first priority of any government or administration.

Satisfaction with living arrangements, perceived discrimination, and self-rated health emerge as the top three predictors of life satisfaction for India in this study, the report said. “We found that older men, those in the higher age groups, those currently married, and those who were educated, report higher life satisfaction compared to their respective peers. Lower satisfaction with living arrangements, perceived discrimination, and poor self-rated health were important factors associated with low life satisfaction among older Indians,” report said.

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