Him Vedic, products with the sense of Purity

Television ads has been our source of buying products for a longer period of time, especially when that is sold with the claim ‘Sitaron ka sabun’ like Lux or Debeers that focuses on ‘Apka chehra mere liye lucky hai’. You might be thinking what is special about these products?


   Well, it is the difference that every brand tries to create through different ingredients, creative packaging and lucrative offers.

    But recently I came across a brand that not only talks about the ingredients but also has proofs of it in the product.

About Company: Him Vedic, a company from the land of Himachal started producing Vedic products like soap and Shampoo that not mentions the ingredients on the product package but also has those ingredients in the product. Handcrafted with rare herbs & natural ingredients from the Himalayas, HimVedic products are effective for treating skin problems rendering your skin radiant & naturally nourished.

    About Product: The products include natural ingredients like coconut oil, walnut oil, almond paste, sterile water, etc. that are all good source of energy to the skin and hair. The product package includes soap and shampoo with the white background and carrying logo in colourful designs as per the ingredients.    

   The inclusion of Aloe Veera, Honey and Rose petal in the soap actually gives one a sense of product purity and the claims made by the company. The color of the soap as per the main ingredients like green for Aloe Vera, red for Rose ad yellow for Honey gives you a refreshing feeling of using those ingredients and provides fragrance to the skin. The Shampoos are also very effective for any  type of hair as the natural ingredients involved make it less exposed to the chemicals and hair feels more smooth and voluminous.   

    The size of the soap is also bigger as compared to the regular soaps that we buy from the market.    

Packaging: The packaging of the product is very aesthetic to the eyes and gives you a glimpse of HIM culture. White background imbibed with different colors of images and logo gives you a refreshing look.

Him Vedic Products

Price of the product: The product is available in the pack of 5 into one and that too for a nominal amount i.e. Rs 500/- . 3 soaps and 2 shampoos is what you get in the complete package.  

My experience: I would like to rate this product 4 out of 5 as the product gives you value for money and the look of ingredients in the product gives you a sense of purity.

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Author: Geetanjali

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