Successful Management; the Chanakaya Way

Successful Management; the Chanakaya Way

A Book Review on Corporate Chanakaya

I recently listened to the podcast on Chanakaya by Radhakrishnan Pillai, an expert who specializes on the life of Chankaya on’ The Ranbir Show’. Though he has written many books on the life and ideology of Chanakaya, I am particularly reminded of Corporate Chanakaya. When we talk about “Business management”   we feel like it has originated from the western world. But the fact is way back in the 4th century BC in India we had a scholar by the name of Chanakaya.

This book gives us comparisons between “Chanakya Rules” and “modern management”. The author himself has an experience of the corporate world and therefore is narration falls apt in the parameters of the corporate world. Being an expert in the literature on Chanakaya he has tried to simplify the teaching of Chankaya in the simple language. Chanakaya, the man known as a King maker was an expert not only in Arthashashtra nut also in politics, functioning of administration and strategizing.  

 In this book, the author has talked about the corporate world and how Chanakaya teachings and ideologies can be imbibed in the corporate world. What should be qualities of the leaders, how a leader should handle competitions, people working with him and what he should not do as a leader. The author has also tried to highlight the various facets of management like finance, human resource, strategy, team work and employees.

  Though the author seems to have deep understanding and knowledge on the subject but it could have been written more aesthetically as the reader might get monotonous due to the repetition of the points.

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