Child, the future of mankind


Has its roots in the womb of the feminine divine Provides scope to the parents hope

But they will reap what they sow

His smile brings them happiness His tears make them cry

His presence makes them feel worthy His acts brings them nigh

His childhood days are always blooming While teenage is the time for grooming Adultage is the age of mystery

And old age repeats the history

If he is so much for his parents

And realises their endurance

What makes him turn the tables

And treat his parents no more than pebbles

This is not what they deserve Not for what they have preserved They demanded him in prayers Not to survive in hell and bear

He needs to know time repeats itself

Someday he will be a father himself Then what if his son repeats himself He will be shattered to pieces

Remember to worship your parents as God As they are your earthy Lords

A child is still a stem of a tree

And can never reach the roots until he bents

Author: Geetanjali

Creativity is my core skill, be that vision to see the world or to work towards something aesthetically, creativity exists in everything. I am an academician by profession and the creative person at heart. I am a poet and got my poems published by Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi inKavya Lehri and Kavyanjali. A writer who loves writing and has written for numerous magazines and newspapers. A Blogger who runs her own blog. An artist who works towards improving her skills every now and then. A traveller who knows learning is much more outside the classroom. As a leaner is never satisfied with his/ her work, I believe to utilize the gift of human birth to the fullest and enjoy the journey than attaining the destination.

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