Adopt a Yogic lifestyle

Adopt a Yogic lifestyle

   Yoga had been the roots of our Vedic cultures and is vital for an individual’s growth and nation-building. Undoubtedly, you live more healthy and happy if you follow Yogic lifestyle but it is easy said than done said Ankur, Yoga Archaya. Though people these days relate yoga to just physical practice it is much more than that.

Let me throw some more light on how Yoga affects overall personality by discussing 8 Yogic philosophies that are mentioned in Patanjali yoga Sutra under Astanga Yog that used to be the regular routine of students in Gurukul.
1. Yama(Character building)– Character building is the most crucial topic we are facing in our country today. We are building machines rather than just imbibing strong moral characters among our generations. Speaking the truth, respecting elders and guru, being honest were few virtues that every student was taught and made to implement during their formative years. 
2. Niyama(cleanliness)- Isn’t it sad that we are made to understand the importance of cleanliness through a campaign like Swach Bharat Abhiyan, whereas that is the basic necessity of human existence. Everyone embraces beautiful, clean and pure things, people and surroundings but you don’t want to maintain and make it. We go near nature on a vacation to leave a place that is polluted and exploited by us only. 
3. Asana(Yogic postures)- Healthy mind exists in healthy body.wr are facing so many health issues in society these days that we not so relevant in relic times. Be that our eating patterns, lifestyles, social obligations, we aren’t doing enough for our body. As rightly said by someone your body is your best life partner. 
4. Pranayam(breath control)– One thing which is common now days are tensed and frustrated faces as they are passing life and not living it. Well, conscious breathing helps you to provide quality to your years and provides you control over your prana. Breathing practices not only reduce tensions but also releases happy hormones that make you more lively and cheerful inspite of many odds. 
5. Pratihar(sense control)– These days committing suicides on social media, depressions, theft, rape cases and many such evil issues are gripping our youngsters, therefore controlling out senses and putting them to apt use was the basic value that was taught for living a Yogic lifestyle.   
6. Dharna(concentration)– It is normally seen and experienced that span of Concentration has reduced among people especially youth. We want instant results and gratification but are not ready to work hard with concentration. This virtue teaches one to concentrate on their goal and remain the focus throughout to achieve higher results just like Eklavya. 
7. Dhyan(meditation)- Living a conscious life is very important for making the correct decision in life and peaceful living. It does not only help you to balance your life(being sthir) but also enhances your decision making power. Every student of Gurukul had to meditate for a few hours on regular days so as to understand their situations and surroundings and take corrective measures towards them. 
8. Samadhi(absorption)- This is a state of stability where you are content with yourself. It means to be live a life that has all the other virtues being learnt, practised and inculcated into their being for a successful life. 
     Thus, one who knows all these virtues and practices even one out of them can still understand and relate to the essence of life. Unfortunately, our society and education system is missing onto many of these virtues, so I would like to share a few tips that in case any individual imply to their life will bring noticeable changes in their living :
* Use of mobile for restricted hours, so that we can restraint our body from being 24*7 surrounded by harmful Ray’s.
* Water therapy is the best medicine nowadays, therefore make sure you intake 5-6 litres of water daily.
* Spending time alone daily is very important where you can introspect your daily activity and realise life goals.
* Conscious breathing would help you to regulate your temperaments and control negative thoughts.   
* Spending time in nature. Nature and body have the power to self-heal and thus spending time in nature, will rejuvenate your mind and senses and reduce your stress levels.
* Being body a temple, nurturing it with the right food is vital for performing life tasks. Therefore, giving your stomach a break to digest food and eat at regular intervals is mandatory for a fit body. If possible, practice not to eat heavy dinner after 6 and give a gap of at least 6 hours between meals.

    Remember, we individuals form the social fabric of the society and it’s flourishment is our responsibility. I believe change doesn’t happen overnight but if we try to follow and practise even two or three of these suggestions, it will bring commendable change in us. We all are concerned about our deteriorating moral standards but remember to bring the change, be the change. 

This article is an outcome of discussion with Yogacharya Ankur Kanwar. For any further queries, you can reach out to him at:
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  1. Beautifully expressed the essence of yoga so simply yet so deep. Inspiring people to adopt yogic lifestyle..

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